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Bushin Ryu

I have been thinking a bit lately about how unique the Bushin Ryu Aiki Bujutsu system is. I have trained for short periods of time at a number of different dojos over the years, and the one universal truth I found was that each style of martial arts portrayed itself as a “complete” art – a set of principles for every attacker and every contingency. For the most part, I fell in line and believed that. It is only after coming to study with Kaiso that I have realized just how wrong (and dangerous) those assertions are. I have had the opportunity to see many times, for example, the lack of intent inherent in the attacks of Aikido practitioners. But this lack of quality is understandable – they, for the most part, do not practice attacks.

But it doesn’t stop there… Again, with a few rare exceptions, do you think that a karate practitioner can apply an effective joint lock? Perform a ground escape?  Most likely not.  So how then can these arts be in any way complete? This is the amazing thing about what Kaiso has created with Bushin Ryu. By acknowledging the opportunities for improvement in any single art and filling those gaps with arts that are strong in those areas, he has created a complete martial system.

It is not my intention to write negatively about any martial art. Each of them came into existence as a consequence of a particular set of historical circumstances that shaped its technique and philosophy. After all, martial arts are developed by people with specific needs. The Okinawans, for example, needed to be able to defend themselves against their Japanese occupiers, all of whom had swords. The Okinawans were forbidden to carry swords, and so they developed karate – literally “empty hand.”

But we have the benefit of being able to look back on all of that and see each art for what it is- something with strengths and weaknesses. We are fortunate to have Bushin Ryu – a system that combines these strengths and weakness into wonderfully effective art!

See you on the mat!

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Jim Lehrer RenshiJim Lehrer, Renshi: Renshi is a martial artist, business executive, Zen practitioner, and general Japanophile. He has studied numerous martial arts over the years, but found his true love in Bushin Ryu Aiki Bujutsu and holds the rank of 2nd Degree Black Belt. When not in the dojo he can be found (actually, would prefer not to be found) in silent retreat or at home with his wife and their three dogs.

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