Samurai no Kokoroe Lesson 3

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Samurai no Kokoroe

Budo Shingikan Martial Arts Mesa

Precepts of the Samurai Lesson 3

(Ikanaru hito demo sonke suru koto)

Respect Everyone – (Ikanaru hito demo sonke suru koto)

If you learn nothing else from your martial arts training, the concept of respect should be indelibly etched into your mind.

The true warrior respected even his enemies.

Respect, for others and their basic human rights, is the bridge for mutual understanding and cooperation.

In the Bushin Ryu system, respect is paramount. Respect is the process by which discipline is cultivated. That respect manifests itself as self control. And self control is essential for the warrior. Self control leads to greater understanding in all areas of life. It allows us to participate with each other, and to engage with one another, without ego or the fighting mind to sabotage our efforts. Self control allows us to fully participate in our training and get the most from it. It helps us in our relationships, at work, at school, the benefits are immeasurable.

It is said, that the true warrior is not only known for his courage in battle, but in his dealings with other men.

Every warrior culture in history, from the Spartans to the Aamurai, even the Vikings, valued self control above brute strength.

It is not enough to cultivate skill. One must cultivate the mind to use that skill in a proper and just manner.

The first step, is to respect yourself. Respect yourself enough to honor your word. To treat yourself with fairness and to take care of yourself.

Respect yourself enough to follow through on what is right, and to hold yourself accountable.

How do you respect someone else, if you can’t respect yourself?

Stephen Ewing HanshiHanshi Stephen Ewing – About the Author: Hanshi is a professional martial artist and former Army Ranger with over 30 years of experience training and teaching. Hanshi Ewing has extensively studied Japanese martial arts with a focus on Tenshin Koryu Ninjutsu as well as Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iai and Kenjutsu (Japanese Sword) before finding his true passion in Bushin Ryu Aiki Bujutsu. Besides being Kaiso’s right hand man in the Kyokai (martial arts organization) he is the Chief Instructor of the Godai Shinshu Dojo. He brings both an analytical perspective to the study of martial arts (he was a math major at the University of Arizona), as well as a deep perspective on connection and feel. You might possibly spot him somewhere in northern Arizona (if he doesn’t see you first!). You can read more of Hanshi Ewing’s articles at: or


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