Samurai no Kokoroe – Lesson 6

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Samurai no Kokoroe

Bushin Ryu

Lesson 6


Live without regrets, ( Koto ni oite kokaisezu )

This is a double edged admonition.
First, do not wallow in regret. Take responsibility for your actions and your mistakes, learn from them. Then put them behind you. Accept the fact that the past cannot be undone, find something of value from your mistakes such as a lesson learned and then move on. Move forward in the knowledge that you have taken another step towards perfection of character.
Second, if you feel, even suspect, that you may regret an action. Do not do it.
Sometimes it really is that simple. It may take courage and strength of will, but do not do it.
Heed the wisdom and warnings of you conscience. As you grow in compassion and self understanding, your inner awareness will sharpen your understanding of a great many things. Perhaps you can’t exactly articulate it in that moment, but deep down inside you just know.
Have the strength to stay true to your convictions and what you know to be right.
In Bushin Ryu training, this type of self awareness and understanding is woven into every lesson.
We are much more than a school of martial arts. We are a school of leadership engaging with life.

Stephen Ewing HanshiAbout the Author: Stephen Ewing, Hanshi is a professional martial artist and former Army Ranger with over 30 years of experience training and teaching. Hanshi Ewing has extensively studied Japanese martial arts with a focus on Tenshin Koryu Ninjutsu as well as Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iai and Kenjutsu (Japanese Sword) before finding his true passion in Bushin Ryu Aiki Bujutsu. Besides being Kaiso’s right hand man in the Kyokai (martial arts organization) he is the Chief Instructor of the Godai Shinshu Dojo. He brings both an analytical perspective to the study of martial arts (he was a math major at the University of Arizona), as well as a deep perspective on connection and feel. You might possibly spot him somewhere in northern Arizona (if he doesn’t see you first!). You can read more of Hanshi Ewing’s articles at: or

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